Sibin "Industrial Life" Self-released via crowdfunding
Release date: October 2012
Running time: 38:49, 12 tracks

After several spins to Sibin’s second album, “Industrial Life”, I feel that these guys are the new Australian sensation. Mark (vocals, guitars and mandolin), Charlie (whistles, flutes, vocals), Corey (guitars, banjo, mandolin, concertina), Luke (drums) and Tim (bass, guitars) have released an album that is an excellent blend of Irish and Australian music. Most of the tracks on “Industrial Life” are written by Mark and Charlie, but there are also three traditional numbers.

Let’s start with those three songs. “Maids When You’re Young” is a song that was made popular by The Dubliners. “Maids when you’re young never wed an old man”. Sibin’s rendition is a brilliant cover. Bass and acoustic guitar are the first instruments to be heard. Then the vocalist starts to sing and there are some awesome backing vocals. The mandolin and drums  join and the song speeds up. The concertina plays “Mairi’s Wedding” and the song starts all over again with amazing whistle arrangements. The songs is perfectly “built” and the  instrumentation well-balanced. A true gem.

The wind and seagulls can be heard at the beginning of “Drunken Sailor”. Tin whistle and drums and then all the band members join on this electric version. Fantastic whistle and  guitar work. Grab a pint and dance!

Salonika” is the third traditional song. This song has also being recorded by The Dubliners. Clapping and a capella singing. Then the tin whistle, mandolin and the rest of the band play “Humours of Glendart”. And finally, an electric end.

The next group of tracks, the “singles”: Tracks no. 1, 2 and 11.

She Don’t Love Me” is a kick-ass song: “She don’t love me love me no more, she don’t want me drinking with the boys”. All the bands members shine on this song. If the Saw Doctors would have written this song, it would be number 1 in Ireland for several months.

Run Johnny Run” was the song that the band chose to release a video. As the video was posted here some time ago, everybody knows that it’s a catchy song and one of my faves. I can even find some The Clash echoes on this track.

Here We Go” is a rocking song featuring tin whistle and electric guitar.

Other tracks like “First One To Fall”, “Fare Thee Well” or “1854” are interesting numbers. Sibin’s stamp is clear and the sound is really Australian. Anyway, I would like to draw your attention to the last number, “Industrial Life”. It’s an acoustic song featuring only guitars and flute in a Christy Moore style.

If you like whistles and flutes, Irish traditional songs and Aussie rock and folk tradition, then drop a line to these guys and get a hard copy of “Industrial Life”


1-She Don't Love Me 2:59
2-Run Johnny Run 3:10
3-Maids When You're Young 3:06
4-Ode to Ireland 4:32
5-First One to Fall 3:12
6-Drunken Sailor 4:22
7-Away 2:23
8-1854 3:47
9-Fare Thee Well 3:25
10-Salonika 2:57
11-Here We Go 2:24
12-Industrial Life 2:27

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Review by Kinksmarkham


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